Lifestyle is Key

I have seen this to be undeniably true over the last 10 years regardless of the health problems that I faced and their duration. I can attest to the fact that, What we eat can either heal and nourish us or disfigure, poison and slowly kill us. A healthy diet does intervene in the holistic and disease free living process, but it is clear that all foods are not equal. The photos that I share here are doing the talking. I gained a lot of weight, suffered with many health issues and was on prescribed medications during the years and times I was not committed to a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. It was only when I made that commitment to change my lifestyle and eating habits that I gradually began to feel and look better.

To date, I am 40yrs old, and I am living a pain and medication free lifestyle. Clearly the best therapy is a healthy lifestyle and it is way better than surgery or any drug. A healthy lifestyle is the basis for good health, optimal healing and living and It is indeed the major weapon against any disease. May you be empowered to make good lifestyle choices for your health and be willing to risk more than others think are safe! Do what is right for yourself to improve and overcome almost any health condition. The natural healthy healing way may take time, but it surely is more permanent. Time is all your body needs to do what is right. Natural healing and living are true accomplishments of the human  spirit. Help your body to do it’s own work better!


A healthy lifestyle is key!


Yamian Clarke

Natural Living and Healing